Measuring wellbeing in school through

Instant analysis to help you monitor your progress in developing a whole school approach to wellbeing.
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Make informed decisions on whole-school wellbeing

To create a happy, thriving classroom, you need to be measuring the wellbeing of your school community. This is where BounceTogether excels!
Pre-loaded surveys
Instant Reporting
Measurable outcomes

Evidence-based Surveys

Choose a survey to run in your school and start collecting the results within minutes! This process is really easy to repeat as often as you like. Taking a survey has never been such fun!
12 wellbeing categories
Over 60 validated surveys

Measure impact and progress

Presentation-ready reports at the touch of a button. BounceTogether make it really easy for you to get a sense of what's happening in your school, now and over time!
Instant reporting
School-friendly format