Achieve a recognised Mental Health Award for your school

Even more importantly, improve emotional health and wellbeing for staff and pupils using an evidence-based, whole-school approach.

Taking a whole-school approach in 8 key areas

Leaving no stone un-turned...
Organisational structure and culture – staff
Leaders regularly consult with employees from across the school to gain informal and formal feedback about wellbeing
Working with parents and carers
The school provides learning, guidance and support for parents to help them understand children and young people’s mental health and its impact on their behaviour and learning
Staff professional development and learning
Staff CPD is aligned to expected, clearly defined, competencies which set out the mental health requirements for their role
Support for staff
A comprehensive staff health and wellness offering supports staff mental health
Support for pupils
Pupils feel their worries and concerns are heard, respected and taken seriously by staff
Leadership and strategy
Senior Leaders develop and implement the strategies and structures needed to improve mental health in the school
Organisational structure and culture – pupils
Mental health awareness is embedded in the curriculum and is designed to meet the needs of the pupils specific to their social and emotional needs and developmental age
Working with external services
The school has developed strong links with CAMHS and other agencies ensuring regular two-way communication, support and guidance

Award - Process Overview

Even award-winning frameworks don't need to be complicated

Review and Diagnose

Complete diagnostic to plan for action
Month 1

Plan and Coach

Review framework and plan your development
Month 1-2

Develop and Assess

Implementaction plan and assess
Month 2-11

Achieve the award

Award level announced
Month 12

Thousands of schools can't be wrong

"The biggest impact of the award was having the recognition and validation of all the work we have done for many years around mental health"
Mental Health Lead
"It has raised the profile of Mental Health and Wellbeing for the whole school community providing a platform for discussion and debate whilst promoting the creation of effective policies and procedures"
Mental Health Lead
"Having the detailed and focused structure of the award helped formulate and drive our whole school improvement priorities which impacted on provision for all"
Mental Health Lead